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Mixed Media Art to Me:


Mixed Media! Well, what is it? You must have heard it before, and probably know that it is another type of art, but it's not that simple. This form of art refers to any piece that embodies more than one medium. In simpler terms, it includes anything and everything that can be used on any type of surface. 

This form of art began in the early twentieth century when artists began to experiment with other materials besides paint. Picasso’s Still Life with Chair Caning is a mixed media piece, created in 1912, which includes oil paint, oilcloth, paper, and rope. He was one of the first mixed media artists. After him came Henri Matisse, who used paper shapes in his paintings. The popularity of this style of art grew throughout the 20th century and is now a very prominent type of artwork.

My main inspiration for my inclination towards art is my mother, who is an amazing fine art artist. The kind of art I started doing under her guidance during my childhood mainly consisted of oil paintings, that were similar to talented artists’ work. In other words, I used to try and imitate their artwork from art books. Art became my stress buster but I mainly use to do oil or water paintings. I got interested in Mixed Media while I was living in London.


To understand it better I took a short mixed media course at Saint Martin School of Arts, which inspired me to change my career. This course opened a whole new world for me and I starting viewing it very differently. It was also a moment of self-realization, that I was not a fine art artist but instead a representational artist. 

I changed my career and started painting as a full-time artist. Some of the materials that I use for my mixed media work are acrylic paint, oil paint, molding paste,  various gels, which are used to manipulate the texture of paints, stones, metal objects, paper, sand, acorns, and much more.

Basically, mixed media artists can use a wide range of products and different types of paints, the main aspect is to take care is how different things are going to gel together and can stay on the surface you are using for your work. A few of the hardest surfaces for me to paint on are plastic and metal but at the same time it fun to work on them.

My artwork consists of a very wide range of images, as I enjoy painting day to day things around me. However, I love to paint the moon, nature, water, instruments, doors, and many more. I generally don't start my artwork with the final idea in my mind but begin with a thought, texture, and color. As I paint,  the idea develops, and after layers and layers of work, I start visualizing the final thought... 

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